If there is something Fremantle is known for, especially with people living in Australia, is its convict-built prison. Over the years, this Fremantle Prison has acted as a tourist attraction site in this port city. Being an attraction site, the number of vacationers flowing into Fremantle to get a glimpse of it has increased significantly. What many don’t know however is that this city has more to offer and see than just the Fremantle Prison. For instance, this port city boasts a very rich art scene full of different street arts and live music. To see this, you’ll need to go on the streets or visit different Fremantle arts centres.

For a complete list of what this Perth city has to offer, below we’ve shared details on what to do in Fremantle. In particular, it highlights top places to visit and what to see while in Fremantle.

The Roundhouse

If you are travelling to this beautiful city, visiting the Roundhouse should be top on your what to do in Fremantle list. Known for being the oldest building standing in Western Australia, this building was built in the Swan River. In fact, it was the first permanent building built on this river back in the late 1830s. Another fun fact about this Western Australian attraction site is that it was a gaol in the beginning. Fast forward a few years later and it became a police lock-up, their accommodation and storage facility. Today, it is opened to the public for viewing pleasure. There are several positives with this particular Fremantle attraction site. For instance, it offers captivating stunning views over Bathers Beach as well as the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, it is open to the public Monday to Sunday between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm.

Fremantle Prison

This wouldn’t be a post detailing what to do in Fremantle without touching on Fremantle Prison. This is without a doubt one of the go-to places while in this port city. In fact, many consider it as Western Australia’s most significant attraction site and for good reason. This particular building was built as a high-security prison for housing tough criminals in Fremantle. It was made available to the public until 1992. By then, this site had gain significant popularity that led to an increase in the number of people visiting it.

One of the offers of this Western Australia attraction site is its chambers. In recognition of its importance and increase in tourist visits, this site made it to the World Heritage list in 2010. Would you like to visit this site? It is open on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. On Wednesday and Friday, it’s open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Fremantle Markets

Feel like doing a little shopping during your trip to this port city in Perth, Australia? Well, you’ll love what Fremantle Markets offer. Known for being extremely busy, this Western Australian market offers just about everything. In fact, it boasts more than 150 stalls offering a wide variety of products and services. Some of the products or services you’ll find at this market include clothes, fresh foods, handicrafts etc.

The good thing about these stalls for anyone shopping for clothes is the difference in the quality of the clothes they sell. You’ll find that some sell high street clothing while some offer normal every day wear. Even better, these stalls promote independent and indigenous arts and products. These items reflect perfectly the multicultural history of this Perth city. Do you plan on visiting this market for a little shopping spree? Well, you can do so on Friday between 9:00 am and 8:00 pm while on Saturday and Sunday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Western Australian Maritime Museum

Thinking of improving your Western Australian Maritime history? Well, visiting the Western Australian Maritime Museum should be on your what to do in Fremantle list. This particular port city attraction is a fan favourite for many tourists visiting Fremantle for its beautiful buildings. Furthermore, it boasts a diverse number of well-organized informative exhibits. Some of the exhibits you should explore while there include;

  • Traditional Aboriginal Culture
  • Fishing and Pearling Industries
  • Migration and Defence Items

If you are a lover of all things submarines then you should definitely visit the Maritime Museum. This attraction site presents an ideal opportunity to board a submarine. It’s important to note however that tours at this museum can take some time. This is especially true if you are keen on learning more on Maritime history. You are also likely to be in a group. This in mind, I suggest you go or settle with people you can easily interact with.

Cappuccino Strip

Located along the South Terrace, Cappuccino Strip is a must visit for anyone travelling to this port city. Over the years, this strip has been a fan favourite for many visiting Fremantle and for good reason. It boasts several places where one can relax and enjoy what the city has to offer. A good number of tourists like to visit cafes and restaurants along the strip to wine, dine and relax.

If you were to visit it, you’ll also enjoy a variety of drinks and meals. In fact, you can even enjoy a beer or authentic Western Australian wine. The best part is that they brew the beer locally.  Looking for a fun night out? The Cappuccino Strip offers that as well. Some of the restaurants along the strip offer live music and mic nights during the weekends or in the evening. There is also an option of walking down the strip and enjoying the best of Australian street art. Fun fact, this is where some of this city’s famous street performers like John Butler started out.

Fremantle Arts Centre

If you love the outdoors, music, arts and entertainment in general then this is a perfect place to visit. Some of the areas of interest at this attraction site include residences, live music events, exhibitions etc. You’ll also find art exhibitions for both locals and tourist. One of the main reasons why this site has grown to be a must visit for many in the city is its location.

It is perfectly situated in the heart of Freo. In addition, it offers free exhibitions where locals showcase fine handmade wares and great live music. Fun fact about this site is that it initially was a lunatic asylum. It was also a home for women, a technical college and a naval base during the World Wars. 

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